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Military Artist Phil Pierce

Phil Pierce is an award winning American Artist and Illustrator. He is known the world over for the striking imagery in his paintings. He spends the majority of every day in the studio creating new paintings to offer those who would enjoy them.

Phil is a retired Command Sergeant Major from the 82nd Airborne Division and a disabled Veteran. He spent 22 years on active duty before retiring in December of 2008. Since his retirement he has concentrated on his passion of Military Art. He accepts commissions as well as creates paintings from historical prospective as well as current Military life.

You can find his work in Galleries and museums across the country and his Open editions inside many AAFES locations nationwide.

Phil is based in Crawford, Texas where he lives with his beautiful wife Amy and their two kids still at home Austin and Jaden. Their oldest is a Crypto-Linguist in the U.S. Army continuing the Pierce tradition of Military service since the Revolutionary War. 

Phil would love to hear from you anytime here Or below.

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