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Selected Projects

In addition to creating Fine Art Limited Edition prints and retail Open Edition work. Phil executes work for the Army itself. Many times these projects are for the Retention Leaders of units in the Army, some are for Command teams as well. Phil’s passion for his Brothers and Sisters in Arms has kept him close to them through his art since he retired in 2008. If you would like to request work for your unit or would like to inquire about pricing and the various products Phil can put his art on, please don’t hesitate to email here: or to fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Phil is eager to hear from you.

20th EN BDE

Poster project for the 20th EN BDE


Poster project for the Dragonslayers

61st MFMB

Wall mural project for the 61st

82nd Airborne Division

Poster project for the 82nd Airborne

470th MI BDE

Poster project for 470th MI BDE

1st ID

Poster project for 1st ID

78th SIG BN

Poster project for the 78th SIG BN

94th AAMDC

Poster project for the 94th AAMDC

Bco 3-3 EN BN

T-shirt project for Bco 3-3 EN

Forces Command

T-shirt project for Forces Command

Aco 2-227 AVN BN

T-shirt project for Aco 2-227th

3d CR

T-shirt project for 3d CR

977th MP CO

T-shirt project for 977th MP Co.

21st CSH

T-shirt project for 21st CSH

503rd MP BN

T-shirt project for 503rd MP BN

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